Q and A with a Leading Exterminator

If you are wondering about getting a professional pest control service for your home or have some queries regarding pest control, you are at the right place! Here are some frequently asked questions regarding pest control which are answered by a leading professional exterminator performing pest control in corpus christi, Texas and the surrounding areas.

Why is a maintenance service necessary rather than a one-time treatment?
Controlling pests is a constant job because pests always find a breeding ground to grow and infest. They change with the season and outside conditions. Hence even if you get a one-time treatment, a different breed of the pest may grow and spread in a different season.

How frequently do I have to get my house treated by pest control?
Depending on the target pest and house setting, treatment may last from 3 months to 6 months. It may last even more depending on the circumstances of your house.

How to prevent termites?
Termites are attracted to moisture, so the foremost thing that you need to do is to prevent moisture accumulation in your home. Water should be drained through well-maintained pipes and gutters. To reduce humidity in crawl spaces, ventilate them. Furthermore, trim the vegetation, plants, and shrubs to avoid them from covering vents. Last but not the least, get a pest control service to inspect your home routinely for any signs of termite.

How to protect my home against stinging insects?
Stinging insects are known to develop their homes in crawlspaces, attics, patios, decks, building corners, trees, and gutters, etc. To prevent them from building their nests in your home, seal any exterior crevices or cracks and tightly seal all your food or garbage cans. Insects can be attracted through fragrances, so avoid using too much in outdoor areas.

Can I get rid of stinging insects on my own?
Most of the stinging insects, such as wasps and yellow jackets, the sting to protect themselves or their colony. They give off pheromones which excite other members of their breed as well, hence causing a dangerous situation. In order to protect yourself, it is advised that you do not take measures into your own hands and contact a professional pest control service to make your home safe.

How to get rid of bed bugs?
Bed bugs are not the type of pests that you can control effectively with your DIY measures. It is better to get some professional help and get a pest control treatment from professional services to get your house cleaned of any infestation.

How to prevent bed bugs in my home?
The key to prevention for most of the pests is the cleanliness of your home. Bed bugs find places to hide, so reduce any clutter in your home and vacuum your house frequently to get rig of any bed bug which might have entered the premises of your home. Wash your sheets, bedspreads, blankets, and clothes regularly to prevent bed bugs because the fabric is their hiding ground. In case you are buying any second-hand sofa or mattress, make sure that it is free of any bed bug.

When is the best time to get pest control treatment?
The best time to get a pest control service to get your house treated is spring, as this is that time of the year when pests are at their weakest because most of the household pests such as spiders, bees, ticks, and mosquitoes die off during the winters.

How to ensure that the treatments are safe?
First of all, use a trusted pest control service for your home and make sure that the pesticide used is the least toxic and intended for usage in homes. Keep your children out of the reach of these pesticides or baits and secure all of the food and your belongings for safety. After the treatment, make sure that everyone at home washes their hands before continuing with the normal day-to-day activities.